Some means of sharing JavaScript utility code between actions

So that I don’t need to maintain several copies of the same code stored in multiple actions.

Maybe stored within the action group?

Several ways to do it, but the recommended way is to put any scripts you want to share in their own actions, and use the Include action action step to insert them into other actions.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hrmmm. I have some thoughts, but need time to digest this.

Update: Tested this, and it works. But, still, thoughts…

Initial follow-on questions (yes, I think there will be more):

The implication of this is that there’s a single JavaScript context created at the start of an action execution that’s shared across all steps. Are there any larger or smaller lifetimes? I’m just trying to figure out interacting actions and steps.

Just found the answer to my other question. This page could do with some expansion on the environment that code runs in.