SOLVED: Wiki Syle Links in Preview (iOS 14, v22)

Hi @agiletortoise
Is the behavior intentional?

A link to the draft would be great, if posssible.

Wiki-style links are not part of Markdown, so there’s no reason a Markdown preview would recognize and do anything with them. It is certainly possible to further process the text with script to lookup those links and convert them, either before or after running through the Markdown conversion.

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Understood and agreed.

I did not think about that. To use the wiki-style link in the preview would be great.
I assume I am not able to tinker with or replace the Markdown parser as a user?


… Just last night in writing up my daily journal I almost put a link to a draft I’d created in. It would’ve been in double-bracket format. But then my design standpoint with this journal is to have it be Markdown-compatible.

So I didn’t. I guess I should investigate if there’s a way to link in a Markdown-compliant way to a draft.

This draft might actually be useful: It’s a list of names for Excel chart types - as used in Applescript. Useful to others, that is. I suppose I should investigate shareable drafts also.

If I were doing it, I would pre-process the content replacing [[wiki-style]] references, with [Markdown Links](url-to-draft), then let the Markdown process work as designed.

You could start with one of the Transclude example actions, and instead of inserting the content, build the link. Should be pretty straight forward.


Looking at the problem some more I just need the draft UUID which should be easy to get.