SOLVED: Self-Destructing Draft?

I do a lot of Search Field Mega Action actions, to initiate various web searches. I never need to save the draft containing the keyword I used to populate the action. Is there a way to configure it so the draft self-destructs as the action begins?

Set the after success option on the action to “Trash”. That will put the draft in the trash when it successfully runs.

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Thanks much. Is there a higher-strength alternative that deletes outright? I probably wouldn’t use it, but just out of curiosity…

Trashing a draft is deleting it - unless you manually force a deletion from the trash.
Note that your trashes drafts are emptied automatically periodically, but your backups may still contain drafts no longer in trash.

If you want totally secure and transient content don’t place it in a draft. If you just need temporary storage, trashing afterwards is the ideal as it then gives you an easy retrieval period independent of any browser history clearance.

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I was thinking about avoiding the need to periodically empty trash (if I wasn’t lazy, I wouldn’t be using Drafts!). But if trash empties automatically periodically, there’s indeed no need. Thanks again!