[Solved] Removing carriage returns

I have a set of sentences with multiple carriage returns. I want to remove all but the last one. Is there an action that can do that?

if not there should be an easy way to script it.
do you want to apply it to all double newlines ithe open draft or just on a specific one?

plan B: tadpole has action on at in its textprocessing group

  • TAD-Remove Blank Lines

TAD-Remove Empty Lines might be another alternative. It is a closer match to what is technically described, but not necessarily a closer match to what @anotherhoward needs. But I’ve had instances where I’ve wanted each of them.

TAD-Remove Blank Lines will remove lines which have whitespace rather than only consecutive newline characters.

TAD-Remove Empty Lines will leave such lines. it will only affect multiple consecutive new lines which have n content at all.

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@sylumer you are quite close to feature complete :smiley:

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I want to remove all newlines in the open draft.

sylumer, your script does exactly what I need in a simple yet elegant way. Thanks.

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