[Solved] Recent draft - IOS Widget (iOS14 Widgets)

Hi There,

I really like the ability to select a “recent draft” in the IOS widget. The functionality was available on my IPad, but seems to have disappeared, and I’ve never been able to find it in the widget on my Iphone.

Can someone tell me how to set the Drafts widget to “recent draft”?


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Presumably you updated to iOS 14?

iOS 14 changed the way widgets work. There are new iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets available. The “List” widget would be closest in functionality to the old “Recent Draft” widget, and could be configured to display the “All” tab from a workspace sorted to show recently accessed drafts to mimic that functionality.

Note that the old pre-iOS 14 style Today Widgets are still available in the Today view. You have to add them via the “Customize” option at the bottom of the Today view - Apple kind of buried them.

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ah, I get it! Great. Thanks much.