[Solved] Preference files for new Mac


I’m setting up a new Mac and want to use the settings/preferences I set for Drafts on my old laptop. I see several preference directories and files. Which ones do I need? The ones in either of these directories or somewhere else?

~/Library/Group Containers/GTFQ98J4YG.com.agiletortoise.Drafts


I wouldn’t really recommend moving them. Definitely not the “Group Containers” folder. Better to let the database be rebuilt from iCloud.

Not sure what Preferences you are worried about maintaining - a lot of them (like Editor Settings) will sync via the cloud, and some may not work right if you just move the pref file - like enabling icon badges - because the proper permissions may not get requested on the new machine.

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Okay, thanks Greg. I didn’t know the app syncs editor preferences through iCloud too.

I only asked because Drafts on my new laptop doesn’t reflect my original editor settings. No problem though, I’ll just set them again.

You might have the default editor settings initially while sync happens, but should pick up the changes after sync is done - assuming you have the same fonts available and installed.

And there it is…I haven’t installed the font.


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Setting up a new Mac from scratch is hard. :grin:

There is this: https://github.com/lra/mackup