SOLVED: New to this—question about bold text (Markdown)

Hi there,

Sometimes while writing a note, I have need, for organizational purposes, for some bold text. Perhaps I’m not using the markdown correctly, but it doesn’t seem to do the job. All advice is appreciated.

The answer might depend on how/where you are outputting that bold text.

Drafts is a plain text editor, so it does not have rich-text formatting like bold, italics, etc. You can use Markdown, like **bold** to get bold if you outputting that text to other systems.

For example, there is a Copy as Rich Text action that converts your plain text markup to rich text in the clipboard, which can be pasted elsewhere, or Markdown Mail that converts Markdown to HTML rich-text to send in email.

Where are you planning to use the bold text?

I’m just writing a longish note with a bunch of categories that I’d like to delineate on the page by having visible subheadings. Bear, for example will let you do this, I’m guessing by allowing you to see in real time a preview of the output. But I am a crazy person who wants to use bear for certain things and drafts for certain other things, and it distresses me to deviate from this pattern. Would it work to output to rich text and paste to another draft, or would the formatting just be stripped?

In other words, I’d like to use the bold text with drafts itself.

Just reread your answer. Looks like I cant use bold text in this way. Thanks for replying!

In the case of both Drafts and Bear, I’d suggest using Markdown headings, not just bold, because they have semantic meaning, enabling features like section navigation. Like: # Heading

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There is a feature in beta called “markers” Markdown or Multimarkdown headings get turned into markers that are linkable, and also will drive the Navigation menu. If you export to other Markdown tools, they usually generate navigation based on Markdown headings, too.