[Solved] Link to headers within a draft

Is there a way to use the link actions to not only find the draft title but also the headers to help with auto completing the linking?

The TAD-Link for Draft Section action in the Cross Linking section of the ThoughtAsylum - Management action group prompts you to select a draft, and then pops up another prompt with the available section headers from that draft listed in it. When you confirm, it places the wiki-style link for the selected section header into the current draft at the current cursor position.

Hope that helps.


perfect I haven’t dived that deep into the TAD action yet so thanks for the pointer

No problem. There’s a lot in there and I keep adding more. Greg’s feature updates always give me new opportunities too, so I strongly suspect they’ll keep growing for some time yet.

But, the whole idea is just to have a big toolbox to rummage around in when you need something. Today you needed something and it was there; a good result.