SOLVED: Link - action step

Seems like there could be a simple new Action Step type.

It accepts the same thing the new [[link]] does.

Just paste a uuid, title, or internal url, and it will jump you to that draft.

(I have a lot of actions that are basically just bookmarks. I currently use the URL step for that. Could be made easier and more apparent.)

triggering action from text is quite a leap in the concept (from my point of view)

Could you give an example of the urls you would like to trigger?

Did you consider to add them to a keyboard bar or add short cuts?

I think he just meant an easier way to configure an action that when run would go directly to a specific draft, without having to mess with the somewhat less user friendly “URL” action step.

I might suggest a solution like this “Go To Bookmark” example action would be better. Just tag the drafts as “bookmarked” and this will prompt you to select from your bookmarked drafts. That way it’s always dynamically updated if you choose to add or remove bookmarked drafts.

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Ok, makes sense.
I like the action by the way!

@galtenberg did Greg understand your question correctly?

Is this a good solution?

I actually have a very similar action :+1:

I just like having clean actions that take me right to the target in one tap.

We can close this topic if necessary. It still seems like a reasonably useful action step. In fact, it could just be logic added to the current URL action:

- If drafts:// url, navigate internally
- If not a url:
  - If a uuid, and if lookup draft by id works, navigate to it
  - If not a url or uuid, lookup drafts by title

Cheers guys -

You might use the “Define Template Tag” step. It’s purpose is to simplify modification of actions steps like URLs that are a little more difficult to modify.

Example “Open Draft” aciton

Perfect, appreciated!