[solved] Cannot Export a Note fron Apple Notes on MacOS

I want to copy a note from Apple Notes-App to Drafts on my Mac.
By default “Drafts” does nor appear when I click on the little “share”-Button in Apple Notes.
So I mark "Drafts"as an application to adress in System Preferences under “Extentions” when I click on the little “share”-Button.
The problem is that “Drafts” still does not appear in the list afterwards. Still only E-Mail, Airdrop, Messages etc. are listed.

Note: I’m using a german language MacOS version.

I think on the Mac Drafts is a destination for plain text only, so I’m reasonably sure it comes down to Notes not offering to share content as plain text, only richly formatted text. Previous discussions have suggested copy & paste as the best approach for pushing from Notes to Drafts.

If you have a small number of notes to transfer into Drafts, this is probably an efficient way. I would note that if you are selecting all content, you can also drag and drop into a draft in Drafts.

If you do not have a small number of notes, utilising AppleScript (or Shortcuts on iOS/iPadOS) will probably give you more efficient options of migrating notes in volume.

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Notes offers basic (very basic) AppleScript support, so it might be feasible to export from Notes and import into Drafts with a script. However, there will probably be issues with attachments (PDF, images and the like) to notes.