SOLVED: Calendar event alarm at start of the event (dynamic)

I‘m using the calendar.createEvent() API in an action I use to timeblock my days.
Currently I set the Alarm for the event with the „addAlarm()“ API and use the startdate of the event as time for the alarm. Works brilliant so far.

But when I have to move a timeblock during the day in fantastical this alarm does not change and sends a notification at the configured time when running the action. When I move normally created events their alarm is automatically updated.
I’d like to have an option to set the alarm to „at the beginning of the event“ like in calendar apps.

Is this possible with the APIs provided by iOS for Drafts?

You want to create the alarm using Alarm.alarmWithOffset (docs) to get that behavior.


great thanks - one should read the great docs before adding a feature request. I think I read just the header and thought this is not what I want :smiley: