[solved]Automatic enml checkbox with regular text - Evernote

Hi all,
Very new to this perfect tool. I really get more productive in all my lost moments, waiting for planes, trains, subways…
I write meeting notes with a Neo smartpen and then send the transcription to drafts.
From there after reviewing it I send it to Evernote.
I’d like to use the markdown trick for checkboxes [ ] and [x] in order to have my notes and the next steps or to-dos. All my todo lists in Evernote are synchronized to Todoist.
I have found a script that transforms checkboxes in enml format but it erases all formatting and keeps only bullet points and tasks.
Do you have any idea how I could optimize it?

Have you tried this action?


This should do what you are seeking. That is, convert markdown formatted to-do’s to Evernote to-do’s while maintaining other markdown formatting.

Hello jayelevy
That’s the one I used but I have realized now that I need to set different paragraphs between text and billet points to keep it as it is into Draft
Thanks for your help