SOLVED: Add to "The Hit List"

A long time ago Drafts included an action to add to an iOS to-do app called The Hit List.

I can’t find the action anywhere. I know I can accomplish the same result via a “Share” action to THL, but I’d prefer to trim the extra step! Can anyone help?

I installed the app and looked for the url-scheme.
It is documented here

An example script to put a draft title as todo into the inbox is here:

A thing to be aware of the naming of the path (here inbox/task)

How will the special characters be transformed because

If the specified list does not exist, the request goes ignored.

It looks like that they will label to be url-encoded
(e.g. %20 for every space)
If the ‘Someday Maybe’ exists in ‘On Hold’ thad would be thehitlist:///on%20hold/someday%20maybe/tasks?method=POST&title=%5B%5Btitle%5D%5D

The action code:

If the Task edit sheet gets opened all is fine.
If something was off only the app main screen will be visible.

feel free to ask if you have further questions.
But remember I am not using this App for my GTD process but Things3

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Thanks, Andreas, that was really helpful. Now I know how to do this process with other apps, too!

I used to use Things, but fwiw THL has many advantages (apparent if you give it just a few minutes).

I play devils advocate here:

  • Not actively developed for nearly two years
  • tiny url scheme

Surely it has its benefits. And if you love it keep it.
I am not looking for a change any more (was wandering for many years and stick with things3 now … partial out of principle.

There are really great integrations from drafts5 to things3 and I love the design and the foldable headings.

For a quick hitlist I use Drafts as Greg does it as a simple todo list (shopping list)

There’s a level between active development and abandonware where Devs update to work with new MacOS, even if no features get added. That’s an acceptable state for me if the app is feature-complete (though, as you say, url scheme could be improved).


I’m curious how you divide to-do usage between Things and Drafts. Similarly, I’m trying to figure out if I’ll be parking text long-term in Drafts. If so, I’ll need to figure out how to distinguish it from Apple Notes.

One thing’s for sure: I’ll be using Houdaspot much more to find stuff, because my notes, to-dos and writings are dispersed among so many different apps. I’ve been a Mac user since 1990, and have usually “lived” in one single app, but that’s just not viable these days.

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I totally get it. Many users love OmniFocus but it is nothing for me at all. I was drowning in structure and perspectives there. Trying to optimize the tasks instead of doing them

I was quite happy after trying Things3 which gives me a good structure that is a bit limited by the developers.

I guess The Hit List does something similar in your workflow.

I agree about OF, and I tried Things, which was better, but after both, The Hit List was like a cool glass of water offered to someone in Hell (that’s an old Steve Jobs line).

How do you decide which to-dos go in Things3 and which in Drafts?

Edit: A new thread was started to answer this.

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