Slightly More Ergonomic Reading

I sometimes have occasion to read lengthy text (e.g. dumped from clipboard) in Drafts.
Can anyone suggest how to do this most comfortably? Is there a way to temporarily remove editability, hide menus, etc?

I’m guessing the best approach would be to share the text out of Drafts and into some reader app. That’s fine, but I don’t want to have to convert text to PDF, have it be auto-added to some library/queue, etc. This is just for quickie on-the-fly reading…though preferably more ergonomically than in the vanilla Drafts presentation.

Does Drafts have a “display” or “reader” mode I’m not aware of? I doubt it; it’s not really what it’s for, I know…

Previews are likely what you are looking for…

Yup, thanks. Any advice for on iPhone?