Siri to a new draft

Bear with me I have scoured the forum looking for an answer…

I need to be able to say " Hey Siri create a draft" and have followoing happen

Siri creates a new draft without asking for file name

Ideal ( maybe a V2) the draft is then sent to Evernote ( via email perhaps?)

I’m no coder but I am methodical and logical but I can not get this to happen.

Is anyone aware of a shortcut that would do this?

Or can you help?

Many thanks.

Siri will run Shortcuts by name, so in theory you would name your shortcut “Create a draft”.

Drafts doesn’t use files unless it is exporting.

The title of the draft is just the first line, so if you add any content on the first line that would be the title. Often a “safe” version of the title is used whm specifying an export file name.

To create a draft, you could use the Create Draft action in Shortcuts.

At this point you have asked for the creation of an empty draft. Do you not want to populate it with some content? If so, what?

I agree email is probably a good choice. You could set an action to do this then use the Run Action on Draft to trigger it. You can get the draft to run on from the output of the Create Draft action.

You could, of course, email from Shortcuts. In fact, there is no reason from your requirements so far to involve Drafts at all. You could simply have Shortcuts send a blank email to Evernote.

… or use Evernote’s Create New Note action in Shortcuts, assuming they haven’t yet trashed that feature too.

Evernote’s reputation has somewhat tanked over the last decade thanks to their devolution and unreliability.

Maybe review what you have described with what you want to do.

  • Are you sure this should involve Drafts?
  • Are you sure you don’t want to capture or generate any additional information to actually be passed on to Evernote?
  • Fundamentally, what are you trying to.make happen?

Also, what were the sort of problems you encountered previously with your approach?

Hope that helps.

in an ideal world whilst driving or walking i want to
say hey siri …
create a note
Send note via email to evernote email address

Maybe I don’t need Drafts to do this I dont know?

Suggestion /solution welcome.

Out of interest, have you now discounted all of the recommendations above?

You haven’t specified anything different, and as far as I know, each variation and detail I covered matches wirh your request? I’m just trying to understand what I may have missed.

Here’s one example and I’ve added what I think is a missing requirement to capture some text. It is still pretty much just a create note in Evernote action.

Thanks a bunch for your assistance - that action does exactly what I needed. Appreciate it!