Siri Shortcut for `Get Body of Draft`? (Like `Get Contents of Draft`)

I noticed there’s a Siri Shortcut for Get Contents of Draft, but I don’t see a Get Body of Draft, which would be useful for clipboarding the [[body]] of the Draft (while simultaneously omitting the Draft’s [[title]]).

Think this would be a worthwhile Siri Shortcut?

From what I gather, Siri Shortcuts with Drafts stuffs are provided by Greg—users can’t modify those to make new ones, correct?

(Let me know if I’m wrong about this :slight_smile:)

While it might be nice to have a generic shortcut action to get content from a draft based on templates, like [[body]], you can also manipulate the text in Shortcuts e.g.


Ehh. Yeah, I guess that’s one way to finagle it. Just seems clunkier than it should be, you know? Thanks so much for the suggestion, though :sweat_smile:

Write a custom Action in Drafts to extract the body, show the text with the alert command, and share the whole thing with Siri?

Thanks for the suggestion! However, your idea is more of a Drafts First sort of thing.

I want to be in an app that isn’t Drafts, and from said app, invoke a Siri Shortcut to clipboard the content of a particular Draft (sans [[title]]!) and paste it in a text field in that this aforementioned app. Make sense?

@davenicholls’s workflow is the best suggestion yet. I didn’t know there were those built-in text command things that Shortcuts has.

Again, it would be a lot cleaner if Greg could do a Get Body of Draft :wink:

(Also, if I’m somehow missing a way to modify those existing Draft Shortcuts, no need to bother Greg!)

As I said, I can see the value in having a way to get shortcuts to ‘Get template text from Draft’ directly. It would be nicer, but if you need the functionality now manipulating the text in Shortcuts works

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