Siri command to append to Draft

What is the Siri command to APPEND to a Draft?

(In Focus mode, will it add to the active draft? Can I specify a draft using Siri?)

I have no problem with CREATING a draft using Siri. But I swear I read somewhere how to append using Siri. Apologies for the basic ask, but I can’t find it now!

For that matter, is there a single place where I can find an explicit statement of every Siri command?

Thank you!

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As far as things you can do with “Hey, Siri”, it’s just create new drafts, like “Using Drafts, create a note…”.

Technically, the Siri APIs are supposed to allow for third party notes apps to support appending, but I have worked with those APIs a number of times and never gotten them to work properly - and I have yet to see any other third party notes apps implement them, so I’m likely not the only one who has struggled with them.

Drafts also donate shortcuts for a number of things, which can be attached to your own custom voice shortcuts in iOS Settings > Siri, or can be added via the “Add to Siri” buttons in the app. These are for things like launching to dictation, or a specific workspace, or loading a certain draft. You can also add actions to Siri, but this functionality is somewhat limited by what a Siri Shortcut can do on iOS at the moment - since it can’t receive or output and data.

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Thanks, that helps a lot!