Simplenote import

As the Mac version of Drafts is imminent I feel it’s a good time to make the switch from Simplenote. I’ve exported all my notes as a zip file and placed them in my iCloud Drive as a folder of .txt files (almost 2,000).

I haven’t upgraded to Drafts Pro yet but certainly will in the near future. How do I import all those text files?

Thanks in advance

Currently with the iOS version I’d use Shortcuts to get the zip, extract it, and open each note.


Hmm, so I’d have to open each file individually? I’ve trimmed the list down to 1,800 but that’s still a lot of effort. Thanks for your answer!

Shortcuts will do the bulk of the work - you just have to locate the zip file for it. Of course, you’ll probably want to go off and eat a cookie whilst it zips through 1,800 notes…


Excellent, I’ll give it a try!

You’re a genius Rosemary. It worked!

I had a bit of trouble with hidden files created by my Mac but fixed that using this tip:

Now I’m going to upgrade to Drafts Pro!

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@RosemaryOrchard Thank you for posting this solution. Will this import my Simplenote tags too?

I don’t remember how SimpleNote stores the tags, but I suspect they’re in the metadata rather than the file itself so they can’t be imported. This just takes each note and imports it as is.

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