Simple Theme Modification

Love Drafts and use it a long time - testament that as a non techy I get to use a lot of the functionality - BUT looking through the docs on templates - I might finally have met my match

I understand how to take a new template from the directory and apply it to my app - done.

BUT is there a simple way I can now access that template and say canhe the ‘H1’ link color form purple to yellow etc … is there a file somewhere I can just edit ?

I have enabled developer in the app - and still get no files listed in templates?

many thanks in anticipation


are you talking about “Themes”?
If yes, you can export the theme as “.draftsTheme” file which is .json - then you can modify the theme to your needs.
This page in the docs should help.

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At this point there are no tools in-app to make Theme modifications. We are working on some tools that will ship at a later date.


thankyou - I had seen that page before but hadn’t worked out how to actually edit the file - which i now have done. After that - the import is just ‘open in drafts’ rather than ‘import’, which us what I was looking for !!

All done - all good - am now on the case - and making the very simple changes that I wanted. VERY much appreciated.

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Thankyou - wasn’t so much needing ‘in app’ as to knowing where the files actually were. Now resolved. Keep up the GREAT work.

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