Simple stopwatch

Run the action to start and again at each lap.
Keep notes and comments in between laps.

Action Directory link:

13:01:02 >> Start

13:10:07 >> Lap 1  09:05 / 09:05

13:19:40 >> Lap 2  09:33 / 18:38

13:29:10 >> Lap 3  09:30 / 28:08

13:30:55 >> Lap 4  01:45 / 29:53

Can you share how do you use this action? I found it excellent when taking notes during presentations or watching multimedia stuff.

I’ve been using this for a while in Drafts4.

I use it mostly at work to help document test cases I run. It gives me when the test starts, when certain failures or events occur, a place to add notes, and when the test finishes. Then I append it to a journal in dropbox.

I’ve also used it to time my daughter’s soccer drills so we could measure improvement.

I sometimes use it when we go out to eat to keep track of when we put our name in, when we get a seat, when the server comes, …

It’s surprisingly handy for lots of cases you wouldn’t think.


This action could be useful for my work. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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This is great! Thank you for sharing.

I’ll likely get a ton of use out of this tracking issues while running test cases at work. Digging through logging isn’t much fun without timestamps for guidance…

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