Simple Graphing Library with nice look and online features

Hi all Graphviz or PlantUml Users and Lovers,

you might be interested in a small tool I found some months ago. It is not a complete replacement but a nice tool that is available offline and online with a really compact.

After thinking and reading about visual generating graphs from draft links I made up this mock up"" %23spacing%3A%2032 %23padding%3A%2012 [Draft%20A]%20<->%20[Draft%20B] [Draft%20A]%20->%20[Draft%20C] [Draft%20A]%20->%20[<red>Draft%20Zero] [Draft%20B]%20--%20[<green>IBM] [Draft%20B]%20--%20[<green>BBC%20News] [Draft%20D]%20--%20[<green>Beeb%20News] [Draft%20D]%20->%20[Draft%20A]

I will tie it in a script action later on.



Nice example, too… :slight_smile:

Links missing compared to the original, BTW. I think that will matter.

Looking good, Andreas. I had thought that nomnoml syntax looked easy enough to work with, but I didn’t realise you could define a map through a URL. That certainly opens up some possibilities.

Further to the conversation in @martinpacker’s other thread, I’d be keen to see more discussion of how people might actually use this kind of graphing in meaningful ways. Use cases, anyone?

  1. It looks pretty. :slight_smile:
  2. It might make a “peer network” of drafts navigable.

yeah, did not get it fixed on ios.
I will investigate about the linking in nomnoml. it is able to export svg so it has to be possible somehow.

I love the style of the diagrams and the fact that I can render via an link and - I have to check - maybe even offline from ios (macOS works fine with an electron app)

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I want to build a printed crazy wall of my drafts topic
Starting to use drafts as a Zettelkasten that will be a representation of my digital brain.


Smaller snippets could be used as topic references or to check the cross referencing

on the other hand I as a software developer engineer am often in the need to create a graph of something. Being able to start this from Drafts and keep it there would be really nice.

The tag/note report from tadpole library could also benefit from a graphical representation - for my kind of brain at least

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I might add some HTML rendered charting in at some point, but probably as separate actions.

FYI, there will be even more data in that ThoughtAsylum Action group* action in the next release - I’ve given it a little update.

* TADpoLe is the library, not the action group :wink:

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This is useful!

I had stalled in my own experiments of visualising links between drafts via iThoughts because, while the results were visually appealing, I didn’t actually get much practical value from them and soon stopped using the actions I’d built. Hearing more about other people’s use cases helps me to see new/other possibilities for my own. :+1:

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your still the best!

Epiphany: I imagine this kind of graphing becomes particularly useful if you practise the kind of atomised note-taking (one draft per thought) that Zettelkasten encourages…

For example: if you’re making notes from an article, with a “structure” or “meta” note that essentially serves as an index for all of the notes from that article, graphing links provides a) a way to zoom out and visualise all of the notes linked directly to that article; b) a map of connections between the article’s individual notes and notes related to other articles/topics/themes/subjects. That sounds really useful, and sounds like it might support further discovery/insight.

Side note: this is one of the principles I feel like I’m in-between on— I’m used to a single draft containing a range of thoughts on any particular subject or topic. So all of my notes from one article/text/whatever would typically sit in a single draft, with quotes, my responses to those quotes, other thoughts, captured actions, etc. But I’m starting to see the benefit of breaking things down further, particularly since a draft is essentially Draft’s smallest functional unit, and cross-linking seems to more useful when linking at the level of the smallest functional unit.

@martinpacker / @Andreas_Haberle: For current graphing efforts, is there any way to indicate the number of connections a single node has (beyond the density of visible connection lines)? I think Roam-like graphs use node-size as a variable to indicate density of connections, right? Alternatively perhaps some way to manually specify/indicate “meta” nodes (perhaps based on a tag or text token within the draft content), where “meta” nodes could have a specific colour? Does any of that sound useful to consider?

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The code I posted could count the number of links.

It could also extract the first 100 or so characters and place them under the title.

I have other projects on the go right now, though.

we could create a github project to collect the different approaches.

I have posted an issue to the nomnoml developer to check for the linking support- as far as I read it it will not be possible right now.

So ‚mermaidJS’ comes into my mind as another player - it is not quite as nice looking as nomnoml but might be the better fit for our purpose

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Yes, if someone built it I think my employer would let me contribute. There’s a (brief) process I have to go through.