Simple daily notes using Siri

I would like to create a simple, single note and add things to it using Siri when I’m driving, etc.
Nothing complicated. Just say something like “Siri, add the hardware store hours are 10-5 to my note” or something similar.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to accomplish this?


There are several ways to tackle this, but I think the one with least friction would be something like this.

Using Apple Shortcuts you can create a shortcut to allow you to capture text and add it to a draft. This can be triggered via Siri.

Here is an example version you can tailor.

Download it, and choose your draft, then you can trigger it using “Hey Siri, add to driving note”. It then asks you to speak the text you wish to add.

Change the name of the shortcut to something meaningful to you and ask Siri to trigger it, and on install it will ask you to choose you draft to be appended to.

One final note. Please use this only when safe to do so - distracted diving is a serious issue, but I note ‘whilst driving’ is just one use case; but your phrasing suggests it may be your primary one.

Thank you very much. I have it working.

I wish I could just say “Siri, add ‘buy milk’ to draft” without having to wait for it to ask me for the input. Maybe I’m asking for too much.

What you are asking for can be done for new drafts, but the issue some down to defining a single recurring draft to Siri. Siri just doesn’t know how to reference some arbitrary draft you have created by a name.

Using Shortcuts, we can define it each time it is run, but I don’t recall, and Apple’s support page on running a shortcut via Siri, where we can verbally specify a parameter when triggering. Hence the capture when running.

As I noted, there are other ways to tackle this, but I think this is the one with the least friction. Other options involving deeper automation and an always on Mac could get you a little closer, but there is a technical setup cost to that, and it would only be better in some circumstances.

You could capture it in one via a Reminders list, Which drafts can auto import, but that then creates separate drafts you would then have to combine. So more friction.

But maybe someone else has an alternative approach that could do what you want?