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I’m new to Drafts 5 and am loving it. Quite superb.

I want to set up an action to work with Signal Private Messenger. There is one in the Actions Directory but it only copies the draft to the clipboard and then opens Signal, leaving the user to select the required chat, and then paste the clipboard into the chat.

I’d like to amend it so that it selects the chat and pastes automatically. I’ve tried a few things but they don’t work. I haven’t a clue really.

Any thoughts appreciated.



Hi Mick,

your request is quite a good question.

For interaction wit the application the developers have to integrate at least one of the options for automation (urlscheme, x-callback-url)

During the installation i got an SMS

SIGNAL: Your code is: 999-999
Or tap: sgnl://verify/854-662

the second line is the url scheme. but my search through the internet did not find any other function like sgnl://send_message…

An old opened issue ticket on github …

… reads like there is no implementation and no one who is interested to implement it.

Did you I ask the developers in the Signal Forum if there is a way to compose a message via the url scheme?

Signal does not have a URL scheme that accepts text, so cannot be directly integrated, as @Andreas_Haberle mentioned.

It does have an iOS Share extension, I believe, that can be used with the “Share” action in Drafts.

Thanks very much. The iOS Share extension iworks okay and I made a workaround on my Macbook. Using BetterTouchTool, I combined the Drafts action that opens Signal and then used BetterTouchTool to find the right chat and paste the draft into it. Works like a dream.

And, thanks, Andreas, I hadn’t really understood url schemes, but I think I do now.

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@Cheapside thanks for the compliment. I always struggle with url schemes.
And mixing them up with remote procedure calls that I work wit in my software.

Great to hear that you found a workable solution.