Showing changed Drafts in Finder

I know this is a longshot and please forgive me as I’m a relative Mac OS noob but is there any way to show changed Drafts in Finder?

I’ve just discovered Smart Folders and it would be cool if there was some way to integrate changed Drafts into a list with other modified stuff.

Drafts stores content in a database, not as files, so no, not without exporting your content would it be available as individual files in Finder.

But it sounds like it might be worth you looking at workspaces as this is a way Drafts can categorise drafts into different smart-folder like structures within the app

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I’m wondering if PushCut can help here - by on a timer pop running a shortcut to run a Drafts action to extract the list.

As it’s on Mac the upcoming AppleScript and a scheduler (various options) might be a better choice.

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Ah I missed that bit. :frowning: :slight_smile: