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I like to take notes in Drafts and transfer tasks to my task manager (OmniFocus) later on. I do, however, add the markdown formatted checkbox (“[ ]”) before stuff that I need to process, think on more later, or send to OmniFocus. I’ll go in and check the box in Drafts once I’ve successfully dealt with that item and then track whatever actual tasks came from it in OmniFocus.

Is there a way to easily show a list of “incomplete” or non-checked checkboxes along with that line of text in Drafts? That’d make a great list for me to work from as far as processing tasks from my meeting notes, etc. and will help me avoid having things fall through the cracks.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Do you need something more than the standard search filter?

That’s what I’ve been doing so far, and I guess I was wondering if there was a more elegant way to see them all in a list or something – since sometimes I’ll only check off three of four tasks in a meeting notes draft or something like that.

The search functionality works fine though if you think that’s the best way to do it!

You could try the block level filter action

Just search for the task mark and it should work.

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do you want to see all unchecked tasks in one draft or all your drafts :)?

Oh interesting, I’ll give this a shot!

It’d be nice to see all unchecked boxes for all drafts in my inbox or current view even, but I hadn’t thought that through too much. :thinking:

You can try this action I quickly scripted together.

I don‘t know if thats what you wanted :smiley:
If this doesn‘t fit, then it would be helpful if you provide a more detailed description (think about) what you want.

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Wow, you’re awesome thank you for doing that!

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