Show all Action Groups in right column

I have created two Action Groups. I keep the Group column (not sure what that’s called) on the right in view all the time.

Is there a way to show all my Groups listed in that column instead of having to switch between different groups using the drop down box at the top?

The only way I can see how to do that is to just create one big Group and have a separator to make it easy to differentiate. I’m not opposed to this because I don’t have tons of actions and when I switch over to ios, I don’t have to toggle groups there either which would be nice. Just wondering if there is a solution than a workaround.

The point of action groups is to do exactly the segregation you are seeing. If you want no segregation, you must move all of the actions into one action group.

If your use expands over time to working on different things and using different groups of actions for each, then you’ll be ready to return to multiple action groups.

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Thank you. Much appreciated for the confirmation.