Should the Workspaces sort order sync between devices?

I’m finding that the Workspaces sort order isn’t syncing between devices, but I don’t know whether this is on purpose or not. Can someone here clarify the expected behaviour?

Just to clarify a few things so I know exactly what to look for.

  1. Sort order of the list of Workspaces, or sort order of the Drafts in the workspaces?
  2. Across which sorts of devices are you seeing the discrepancy?
  3. Are the apps all on the same version? e.g. Latest beta/public.

Sort order saved with a workspace should sync across devices and be applied the next time the updated workspace is applied.

The actual current sort order is not automatically updated if you have the workspace applied on a device and a sync change comes in - that might be what you are seeing.

Apologies for my slow response here.

I was referring to the default Workspaces sort order, i.e. the list of drafts which appears when there are no custom filters applied.

The problem came about when I was creating drafts on one device but not seeing them appear on another; but then when I searched the Inbox it turned out that the new drafts were appearing but in seemingly random places down the list. Then when I checked the sort order under Current List Options the settings were different between devices. (I still couldn’t work out what order was actually being applied to make the new drafts appear other than at the top).

I couldn’t find anything in Settings where a default order might be set, and saving the Current List Order creates a new workspace (silently, with no “cancel” button, meaning I had multiple “New Workspace” workspaces to clear up) so I’ve created a workspace specifically for “All” so that I can save the sort order across devices, but this means I need to select the “All” workspace on each device rather than just hitting “Clear filters”.

If I understand correctly, you’re seeing the ordering of drafts when no filters and no workspaces are applied is varying across some set of devices (i*OS and macOS?) that are probably(?) on the same version of the app.

Yes, that’s what I was stumbling to explain.