Shortcuts to invoke from Siri?

On My Mind - is very clever. Has anyone created a simple shortcut that uses it?

Ideally I want to create a shortcut for use on my iPhone/iPad, especially via Siri. Has anyone created a sample Shortcut, to collect some text from Siri and call a Drafts action with it?

Irony if Apple had just given me Java or .NET I could my way through it. Since ShortCuts is so alien to me, I need an example.

Something like this:

I’m not 100% sure the step „Run Action on Draft [Draft] picks up the correct action in your instance of Drafts.

Please open the shortcut and

  1. adapt the dictation language in the first step
  2. check that in the Run Action (last Action) step the „add Draft to On My Mind“ Action is selected.
    → if it doesn’t appear in the dialogue please run the Action in Drafts and try to add it again.

You can invoke the Shortcut just by saying the name of the shortcut.