Shortcuts no longer generating window for text entry

I have a very simple shortcut using the “Create Draft” command. When I ran the shortcut, a pop-up window would appear at the very top with a text entry box where I could type something out and then tap Done to save.

It was a simple but effective shortcut since I tied it to the iPhone’s Back Tap feature, allowing me to take notes quickly.

However, I recently noticed that when I run the command, I get a window that is populated with “–blank–” and there is no way for me to enter anything, I can only click Done and it’s saved to Drafts. Below is what I see now:

I tried re-creating the Shortcut and even deleting/re-installing the app, but no such luck. The issue still persists. I checked other devices and the issue is there too.

Any idea what setting I might have messed up and need to revert? Thank you!

This is what it used to look like, using Notes as an example:

This was an intentional change, because I had a number of requests to allow creation of blank drafts.

You can use this shortcut instead, which prompts for input before creating the draft.

I can see the value of both allowing and disallowing blank drafts for simplicity, I’ll add a separate version of the shortcut action to support this use case in the next update.

I’d also note you might prefer/be better off using the “Show Capture” app shortcut for this use case, because you also get the options to provide additional information when capturing, like tags, appending to existing drafts, or capturing direct to the archive.

Thank you so much for your reply! The new shortcut works great, using it now!

I checked out the “Show Capture” shortcut, and it’s definitely more robust, though for my workflow where I’m used to just entering some text quickly and moving on, the shortcut you recommended is perfect!