Shortcut to Open in Dictation

How do I create a shortcut to open Drafts in dictation mode?

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Try this Shortcuts app shortcut; you can assign it a Siri Shortcuts phrase to activate:
Shortcut - Drafts Dictate

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Drafts directly creates a Shortcut for dictation. If you have used dictation in Drafts 5.4 or greater running on iOS 12, then a dictation Siri suggestion should be available in iOS Settings > Siri & Shortcuts. No need to bridge via the Shortcuts app (though that works fine, too).

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I’d thought there should be, but when I checked it wasn’t listed on my phone.

Checked back again just now and there are 5 or 6 more Drafts Siri Shortcuts listed than there was earlier - under recent shortcuts (within the list of Drafts’ ones). The last one in the list being for dictation.

Is there any reason why they would show/not show at different times? I’m just trying to figure out why they were not showing when I explicitly checked earlier.

I’m wondering if perhaps it wouldn’t show until after the first time I’ve triggered the dictation in Drafts.