Shortcut to insert date-time à la Zettelkasten?

I was wondering if it exists already…
or, if not, what is the simplest way to do that?


on the Mac…

Are you just wanting to insert a timestamp at the current cursor location? If so, there’s an example Insert Date action which does that in the “Editing” action group which is the default row of actions below the editor.

The format used can be modified. There’s a description of how to use format strings with date tags in this template introduction article.

Thanks Greg,

what I wanted is a shortcut -within Drafts itself- that can insert a timestamp text string, better if editable…


That insert date action inserts a date as Greg said.

If you want to change the format of the date, look at the second link he posted. You can edit both the date format and the inserted date.

If you want a keyboard shortcut, you can add it to the action and trigger it via that too.

If you use TextExpander, you can also use that to insert a date.

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I think the format you are looking for may be:


Use it with an Insert Text action and you get a UID as defined in The Archive. Example:


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