Sharing to Drafts is blank half the time

When sharing to Drafts, half the time nothing appears

Video: iCloud

If I try again, usually it works

Been happening since iOS 14, am on latest iOS 15.1.1 and Drafts 29.1

Pretty sure this is an OS level issue, as I have seen it and seen reports of it in other apps, off and on since iOS 14 shipped. In all cases, if you cancel then re-try, it works.

I’ve been keeping an eye on it, but do not think it is anything I can resolve.

I’ve only seen it with Safari, have you seen it when sharing from other apps as well?

Def an iOS issue. Yeah, lots of other apps, Tweetbot and Trello.

Anki App as well. Is there a chance that the new iPad mini 6 that I have been using, has this problem?