Sharing between 2 Apple ids

If I have two separate Apple ids and 2 Drafts Pro subs, is there any of sharing notes between the two Apple ids?

Only manually exporting, sharing between them and then importing.

Can you elaborate on how I can do this?

Here is an example, that should retain meta-data.

  1. Carry out a partial export (as JSON).
  2. Use a communications app such as email or messages, (perhaps even an action) or a shared file area to provide access to another device on which the other Drafts instance is running.
  3. Open the .draftsExport file - Drafts will display a set of import options.

Manually repeat this operation in each direction to keep the necessary drafts up to date.

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Got it, thanks a ton

Many have also setup pass-off type actions. If you have a shared location that can be accessed from both accounts, like a shared iCloud Drive folder, or Dropbox folder, etc., you can create action that exports to a known temp file in that folder, and a matching on that imports that file content to a new draft, so you can move drafts one at a time as you need them easily.

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How can I share an iCloud drive on say Apple ID ‘A’ with Apple ID ‘B’? Basically, can you explain how I can do this?

This is an example of the shared file area option mentioned in step 2.

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That worked like a charm. Thanks a ton to both of you, one for the ‘strategy’ and the other for the ‘execution’. Amazing app, amazing forum, and the other day I read a post about lifetime value of Drafts customers and subscription models and such stuff. You got to use the product to understand the utility, that’s all I would say.