Share to specific Notion page without Notion opening

I used @joshua_hare’s “Copy to Notion” action but I want the draft’s content to be pasted to a specific Notion page and without the Notion app opening. In other words, I want to “send it and forget it”.

I know Notion doesn’t have an API yet but can this be done? If not, is there some hacky scriptable way to do it? As some daisy-chain IFTTT-style solution?

I don’t think this is possible. Notion needs a minimum of x-callback-url support, deep scripting support, or an API to do this. Until they finally sort out their API, I think you’re our of luck.

Of course, if you do want to hack it together on the Mac, you could look at tools like Keyboard Maestro, Fake Browser and Selenium to do the navigation and key presses for you.

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