Share to Drafts from Books App on iOS 14

I have tried on 3 different iOS devices running iOS 9, 12 and 14 respectively. The iBooks/ Books App on each one of them doesn’t show Drafts on the Share sheet. It shows the Notes App. But from the Notes App I can share to Drafts, no problem. Is there a way to sort this out? At the moment I am sharing from Books to Notes to Drafts, which is cumbersome. Thank you.

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I guess it is an intentional limitation by Apple. The fastest way to create drafts from Books is as far as I know to copy manually, switch to Drafts, paste, and switch back to Books again. I act on the Drafts with a script kindly provided to me by fellow Drafts users to remove the copyright warning.


Shortcuts is your friend :wink:

You don’t actually need to leave Books at all

How would this work? I can’t access shortcuts from Books.

The most seamless way to do it:

  • set up back tap option to run shortcut in accessibility settings
  • copy text to clipboard in Books
  • tap 2 or 3 times on back depending on settings
  • there is no step four

Another way you could do it:

Using widgets

  • copy text to clipboard in Books
  • swipe down Notification Center
  • swipe right to widget view
  • tap shortcut in widget to copy into a draft
  • swipe up to dismiss

A third way:

Using Home Screen shortcut

  • copy text to clipboard in Books
  • swipe up to go home, shortcut is in dock
  • tap shortcut icon, copies into drafts
  • swipe to multitasking view back into Books

I realize the last one actually does take you out of Books for a second, but it’s actually what I do because it feels slightly faster than the widget one.

And since I have my back tap options set for other things, I just use this last method. But for a while I was using the first one and it is pretty solid and borderline magical.

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Wow. Will try it out. Thanks!

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Could you please be so kind to show me how the shortcut would look? I created one with „Create Draft in inbox“ with the variable clipboard but it doesn’t result in any draft. Thank you.

Mine is pretty basic; I just have a date format option and some pre-filled tags for later filing.