Share Sheet often comes up blank

I often use Drafts to collect URLs. For the last few weeks I’ve been running in to an issue where sharing a URL into Drafts often doesn’t work. When I click on the Drafts icon in the iOS Share Sheet, the share sheet appears but is blank.

It doesn’t seem to be a visual glitch because if I click Save, the draft is blank in the app as well. Usually if I cancel out and then share the same link again it will work properly the second time but sometimes it takes a few tries.

Here are videos of it happening in Overcast and Twitter (you can get the native share sheet in Twitter by holding down on the share icon):

What version of iOS? This is an iOS bug, and it was happening a lot with the early iOS 15 releases, but I hadn’t heard much about it lately, so I thought Apple had resolved – but perhaps not.

I reported this almost immediately, but it doesn’t seem to happen in other apps. I maybe totally wrong about this, because drafts is my ‘go to’ app and I don’t use any other note taking apps. But, the first time I reported this was when I started using the new iPad mini. iOS 15 came around the same time, so it’s a tough call. But the quick capture isn’t working the way it used to, absolutely sure about that.

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I am on iOS 15.3.1

I haven’t tried the 15.4 beta.

I’ll do some more testing, maybe something on Drafts end.

Just an fyi, i’m having this same issue. 15.4 beta and the beta version of drafts. i can send feedback if desired.

Fun. It totally works 100% of the time in the debugger, but seems to have a timing issue of some sort in the release builds. I’ll fidget with it, should be able to workaround.


Is there someway in which I can ALWAYS ensure that the quick capture from the share sheet comes preloaded with a tag that I can define and also with the created date and time?

Same here, using iOS 15.3.1 on both iPad and iPhone.

Let me know if this is any better in v31, which was just released.

It appears to be fixed in v31 :tada:

Thank you

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