Share Sheet is a Fragile Bridge

I normally use Drafts in an eccentric way: I rarely go via share sheet, I copy text, launch Drafts, and paste it in. Extra steps, yeah, but I never changed my habit.

Today I tried it via share sheet. Spent ten mins editing text. And the app I’d shared from happened to crash, and, to my horror, the draft was lost.

As an experiment, I shared again, from a different app, and, while editing in Drafts, I tapped beyond the border of the Drafts window, returning me to the app I’d shared from. And when I relaunched Drafts, the text was gone. And I’m no longer feeling quite so daffy about how I’ve been using Drafts all this time.

Is there a way to make Drafts auto save material that came through via share sheet, and edits thereto?

Well, share sheet extensions are not really meant as a place to do editing. They are meant as a quick passthrough to get something between apps. I would suggest that if you ever have actual edits to do that go beyond a simple formatting tweak, use the provided “Open” button in the share extension – which saves that content and opens Drafts directly to the new draft for editing.


Thanks. I don’t see an “open” option. Do you mean Drafts Quick Capture”?

If I select and then share some text from this topic, then select to share to Drafts…

… the option to open is top right, next to save.

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Got it! Thanks!

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