Share Sheet always defaults to "Start of" when selecting existing draft

Is there a way to make append to existing draft the default? In version 28.1, every capture via share sheet to an existing draft defaults to “Start of”. I have to change it to “End of” to append the newly captured info to an existing draft.

Is there a setting for this, or should Drafts remember the last choice between Start of and End of?


Will change it to remember your last selection.

If you are restoring recent selections it should set the value, but not for a draft selected directly.

Actually, when using the inbuilt browser in drafts, when I invoke the share sheet and select drafts, the link to the page isn’t being shown. If I open in safari, the link is shown sometimes and for some websites and not for all, and it seems to be working in pretty much a random manner. This never happened in iOS 14

Are you sometimes using the “Share” button that appears in the black menu over text selections? That does not work the same as selecting the “Share” button in the toolbar in Safari. If you want to capture page information, like the link, you have to use the share button in the toolbar.

I always use the share button in the tool bar in the top right of my iPad mini - the share sheet basically that allows me to edit the apps that I can use to share.