Share menu, Ulysses, and escaped markdown

I attempted to use the share menu on the macOS version to send to Ulysses. The resulting Ulysses sheet contained escaped markdown for lists. That is:
* item 1
* item 2
appears as
\* item 1
\* item 2
in the sheet.

This happens if the draft is marked as Plain Text, Markdown, or Multimarkdown. I would have expected at least the Plain Text to not escape the asterisks. Am I missing something?

This is at Ulysses end - they do it on iOS and Mac, and they are the ones escaping the Markdown in their share extension. I’ve traded some email with them about it in the past and didn’t really understand their answer on why they do it - something to do with how Notes shares text - but it’s not something I’ve had time to follow up on.

Drafts send the text as text, with a clear plain text type identifier, so I’m not really sure why they are altering it. Let me know if you get a clearer answer from them about it.

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Thanks. It’s kind of a pain. I guess I’ll have to adjust the workflow.

I just joined this forum. Just listen to the podcast with Sparky and I’ve been a draft use her for a long time. Just started using Ulysses. I’m having the same problem. It is a total pain.

Does not appear I mentioned in this thread that this Ulysses issue only affects their Share extension. If you use actions in Drafts that send to Ulysses via URL scheme, like the Sheet in Ulysses example, this escaping does not happen.