Share Extension doesn't work right

Hi there, every time I’m trying to capture from Safari, the Share extension not working in right way. theTitle and url does not included in the capture, only selection part does. but my setting should be alright.

Same here on my iPhone. It was working last night when I tried it out on iPad.

Are you using the Share button in the Safari toolbar? You have to for the capture template to work.

If you select text and use the “Share” option in black menu over the text selection, Safari only sends the text to the Share extension.

(Wish they would change this behavior, but it is what it is)


Yes that seems to be it for me.

Ahhh! Thanks. That is definitely NOT obvious.

FYI - here is a great GIF showing it in action. Notice he hits the Share ICON in upper right of the toolbar, NOT the “Share” TEXT on black background that pops up.

Share Extension for capturing Web Snippet