Setting to disable iOS Sleep Timer

Since I use Drafts as my primary task manager, I’d love if there was a setting to disable the iOS Sleep Timer and leave my iPad on indefinitely.

I use the app Notability for document reviews and it has this feature. It’s nice because I don’t have to tap the screen every few minutes to prevent sleep.


I think this should be a standard feature in every notes app and there are a surprising lack of apps that support this. It must be difficult to do or something because why aren’t more developers implementing a toggle to disable the sleep timer when their app is active.

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Not hard technically speaking. I put it on the list to consider. Not something I’ve been asked for many times, but I’ve seen the usefulness of it more lately when using the app for tappable task lists - like at the grocery store.


I keep my iPad next to my computer while working so I can see my tasks and schedule (in Drafts, of course). Currently, whenever the screen dims, I just tap it so it will stay on longer. I noticed when I was reviewing documents in Notability I didn’t have to do this. It’s not the best for battery life, mind you, but it is convenient to be able to just look over and have everything there. :slight_smile:

Prior to Notability, I didn’t even know an app COULD force the device to stay awake. I wonder if that might play a little bit into why people don’t ask much; they don’t even know it’s an option.

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