Setting different fonts for different notes?

I’ve spent the morning confusing myself about fonts. I’d like to have one note in a mono font, and use System for everything else. Is this possible?

So far, I have a couple of notes display in Menlo, the rest in System, but I’m not sure why. It seems to be a mix of Markdown vs MultiMarkdown and Font in Preferences, but I’m not sure which settings are sticky across notes and which are only for the current note. Any help appreciated.

Drafts is a plain text editor, so there are not fonts and other style attributes actually attached to text or to specific drafts.

Fonts (and most editor preferences, like font sizes, line spacing,e tc.) are stored based on the syntax highlighting definition selected for the draft. So all Markdown drafts will use the same options, all MultiMarkdown will, etc.

So, if you want certain notes to display with different options, change the syntax used, and then apply the options you want for that syntax.

More details in the editor preferences article in the User Guide.

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one of the (relatively) recent additions to Drafts is the option to have a custom syntax, which can be set up with its own defaults.
extending syntaxes