Setting automatic reminder on due time

Hi, I’m using Agile Tortoise’s “Task in Todoist” action and it works great, except that tasks with a due time are not getting assigned a reminder in Todoist. I have the default timing for Todoist reminders set at “0 minutes before”. This happens automatically if I add a task in the Todoist app—or if I used the old action that sent the task via email (which had other issues). But it hasn’t worked since I switched to Drafts 5 and the updated Todoist action. For example, if I type “Do laundry 7p”, the task is created with a deadline for today at 7pm, but no reminder is set.

I noticed under Steps that you can set a Reminder but nothing I tried—“0 minutes before”, “default”, leaving it blank—has worked.

I depend on these reminders being set automatically when I give a task a due time. Is it possible to make this work? Please let me know.

Thank you!

I was just trying it out just this morning with the “Task in Todoist with options” and ran into the same thing. @agiletortoise any ideas for auto enabling a reminder when you specify a date -and- time?