Set a draft to always open in Link Mode

I have a draft I use to collect links to music I want to listen to. I populate it using an action so I never type in there.

It would be convenient to be able to set this draft to always be in Link Mode. Is that possible? And if not could this be a feature in the future?

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Link Mode is a property of the (single, global) editor, not of a particular draft. There’s a property linkModeEnabled on the implicit editor object, which can be both read and set, but it would only affect the draft in question if that draft was loaded into the editor at the time.

As a workaround, when you want to use your draft of links, you could have an action which both loads it into the editor, and then ensures the editor is in Link Mode.

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Or you could setup an action, in Drafts or a launcher app, that call the /open URL for the draft, with an action=Preview (where “preview” is replaced with the name of a valid Markdown preview action in your installation).

Then when you want to reference that draft, it opens directly to an HTML Preview with tappable links.

With the release of the Mac version, Drafts can now be my main note app and text editor for most uses. The one thing I am missing is “permanent” link mode… clicking the icon isn’t a big deal of course but it’s not ideal. I’m guessing this isn’t planned at all? I’m surprised because it’s not like link mode is any different from regular mode - it’s not an HTML preview since I can edit the note as much as I want. The only difference is that I can click links.

just seen this one now…
I have multiple lists in Drafts and three actions to interact with them.

  1. Add to list
    this will show a prompt with every list i have and the current draft will be added to the selected list (these are all simple list drafts to be able to “check them of”
  2. show list
    this will show a prompt with all my available lists and when I select one, the selected draft will be loaded into the editor - when I select the “Links” list (in your case the music links) the draft will loaded and the linkmode will be enabled - for the other lists i dont enable the link mode.
  3. sort list
    this will just sort the list so that elemets that are checked off will be sorted in a ##done section and all the others will be on top of the list.

It is possible for you to share this action either here or in the directory? I haven’t tried to make my own action so I’m a bit unfamiliar but can figure it out if I have an example. Thanks.

Here you go :wink:
In you Need the Otter Actions I Fan post them, too