Sepia Template - Heads Up

I have been using Sepia as a foundation for a new theme - and in my new theme I was modifying the appearance of a quote


“this is a quote”

I was getting a message ‘Missing Scope’ - text.quotation’

Firstly - once you have brought the theme into the new theme editor - when you export you lose the ability to see the layout of the file - it now runs as one big giant text stream - because of this - I couldn’t add the missing scope myself - novice … I am sure someone who knows the syntax properly could do this … not me.

So I went back to the default Sepia and decided to build again - assuming somewhere along the line I must have deleted that particular scope.

But even in the default sepia scope the same issue - ‘missing scope - text.quotation’


Hi John,

Regarding the “big giant text stream,” if you open the exported JSON file into a code editor like TextMate and use the JSON formatting command (in the TextMate JSON Bundle), that should neaten the formatting for you. Any JSON parser (or web-based JSON parser) should have this ability.

In terms of the scope issue, if it’s permissible for you to post the JSON code or a link to the file, that might help diagnose the issue. I’ll try to take a look at the root Sepia file in the meantime when I have a chance.

Hope that helps!

You are right, the text.quotation scope is missing that from that theme and should be there…will fix.

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