Sending to Wordpress encodes html

When sending to Wordpress … characters or entities, like “” quotes, or <> symbols, and any html is converted into encoded entities of some kind. It means things like embeds, or even the


code does not work or get sent to Wordpress correctly. Is there a fix or something I’m missing about this?

Can you share a link to the send to Wordpress action you’re using? HTML encoding special characters is normal, and it sounds like the action it doing it automatically for you - however as you have a HTML document you don’t want that.

I’m using the basic one I think.

Here’s what it ends up looking like:

The inequality signs get converted to something. Everything else comes through correct.

I have the same issue. Is there a fix for this?

Very timely. I’m moving all my 526 blog posts over to Wordpress and I hope to be able to author from Drafts.

Drafts is not adding the HTML entities, it simply includes the text as output by the template in the action. Posts do not come out this way when I post to my two test Wordpress sites (on, so it must be something specific to the way some Wordpress installations are configured.

I must admit I do not know Wordpress very well, and don’t use it myself for any sites, so am not sure where to point you for ideas.

Drafts uses the Wordpress XML-RPC APIs. Do you have any other apps/services that upload to your site via these APIs to compare if the same is happening from those sources?

I’ve really not done much with WordPress in a very long time, and even then not a great deal, but maybe try the usual suspects of disabling plugins and switch to a “standard” theme to rule them out of overly aggressive entity substitution.