Sending to Trash from a URL (Streamdeck)

So I’m using the standard Move to Trash action. I want to use my stream deck to trash whatever draft is up in the editor. If I run the action from the keyboard or however else, it works fine. But if I run it from a URL (drafts://runAction?action=Trash) I get a check mark as though it ran but nothing happens.

Perhaps this is related. When I run the advanced print / PDF from outside (via Stream deck —> URL) it runs the action and I get the normal export window but there is no text in what gets exported.
(Advanced Print/PDF export | Drafts Directory)

What am I doing wrong?

When you use /runAction it is run on a new draft that either contains the text passed to the URL in the text parameter, or is blank. It is not run on the draft currently loaded in the editor as it is when you run it from the action list.

Could you do this with a Shortcut? You can use Get Current Draft in shortcuts to get the active draft in the editor, then File Draft to put it in the trash.

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Thank you for this. The Shortcuts solution worked perfectly.