Sending To Drafts From Raspberry Pi

I have a nice new Raspberry Pi 400, hooked up to a 4K monitor. It sits alongside my MacBook Pro and my iPad Pro.

What thoughts do people have about how to author text - mostly notes - on the Raspberry Pi and send them to Drafts?

It’s perfectly OK for this to be one way i.e. I don’t expect to get the drafts back to the Pi.

What about using


That will do nicely. But can that be done via eg curl?

Create a local network share to your MacBook Pro and write files to it. If you share to your iCloud Drive/Drafts/Inbox folder, automatic file import will suck them into Drafts.


Oo! That’s a good one.

Another idea is to setup a visual studio code server on the raspberry and use it from the iPad and the macbook.

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