Sending/Saving a URL to Drafts by Email?

I’m sometimes using a Windows desktop and occasionally would like to share an article (url) to the Drafts app which is available only to me on iOS devices via email. Is it possible to get an email address which would pop in the link by sharing to an email address?

Drafts does not have an incoming email interface.

The app leans pretty heavily toward client side operations, and does not have server-side components to work with your data or uniquely identify your account - so a feature like this which relies on such things would be difficult to implement.

Drafts does have an automatic import feature, that will import any content stored in an “Inbox” folder in your iCloud Drive. If you are able to install iCloud Drive access on the Windows machine, you can save snippets/text to files in that folder, and the next time you launch Drafts they will be implemented. Possibly a good alternative.

Details on automatic import feature.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. I will give that workaround a try, it sounds good. I appreciate the suggestion. Take good care…