Send unchecked tasks to things


What I’d like to do is have some way, either Shortcuts or Drafts actions, to scan all Drafts for unchecked tasks “- [ ]” <—this string will show all drafts with unchecked items. Then create a todo in Things (the also contains the Draft UUID the task came from). Then I’ll setup an automation in Shortcuts to run a couple times a day and pull out any new tasks from any Draft, and create the todo in things. Bonus points would be to change the unchecked task in the draft with something identifying a task was created in Things and to avoid duplicating tasks when it runs the next time. So maybe something like “- [ ] @@“.

I’d be 100% open to any ideas or pointers to Actions/Shortcuts that might get me started. Also 100% open to someone saying this is a horrible idea and suggest something better. :slight_smile:


Maybe it will help as a starting point or for further optimization.

Fantastic, thanks I’ll check it out.